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Deans Message

Welcome to College of Education

Dear Student,
It is my pleasure to introduce you to the School of Education website, hoping that the site be of good help and guidance, and a source of information and knowledge about the school academic departments, its offered programs, and the supporting units. Further, I hope the site be a source of possibilities that you, dear student, can take advantage of, in order to develop your ambitions, and fulfill your desires.

The site, indeed, was constructed, in order to provide you, dear student with all information needed, starting from a sourcefull information you would consider while choosing the appropriate program that fits your expectations, to the on-going activities and advertised workshops, self-help sessions, etc, you would need to fulfill your needs and aspirations.   

Dear Student,
The School of Education, with its faculty staff and administrative units, is ready to provide all the students of all academic levels: bachelor, post graduate, and trainees, with the needed support and guidance. It gives the students the opportunities to gain insightful knowledge, and positive interaction with their professors/teachers, in addition to equipping them with the most recent digital technological learning and teaching techniques.

Dear future teachers,
Two pleasing moments we hold dear for every student admitted to the School of Education. One is when s/he joins us and be a member of our community, in which we present him/her the most precious gift, that is, “al’lm” (knowledge and skills). The second is when we see our student fulfilling his/her requirements, and being ready to leave us, in which we present the society with a gift that is equipped with all that necessary for him/her to serve his/her community and his/her country in large.

Dear Techers,
we have all the trust in you to help your country in spreading the right knowledge, fighting ignorance, and being a motivating and good example character to your community in order for our country to get the position it deserves, overcoming its problems, obstacles, and concerns. In you, after Allah, Glory to Him, we put the trust to play your expected roles as a teacher and as an educator.

We pray that Allah, Glory to Him, enlighten your path and to be a good asset to your school.


Prof. Yousif A. Alshumaimeri
Dean College of Education