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       Based on Kingdom's 2030 vision, that aims to build a vibrant society with solid values in order to achieve a prosperous and sustainable economy by strengthening the educational system and raising its efficiency to meet the development requirements of an ambitious nation that guarantees quality in education for all of its children and residents, and as it promotes a lifelong learning opportunities for them and in line with Ministry of Education’s vision of its commitment that every citizen has access to good and diversified education opportunities that respond to development needs, and to ensure the continuity of development, rehabilitation, and orientation towards career and career options by continuously aligning their programs with development needs and focusing on better choices to prepare a responsible citizen contributor to achieving sustainable development for his nation, we, in College of Education, must work hard towards building strategies and programs in accordance with these major national trends.

       College of Education at King Saud University is one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges of education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it has a prominent position nationally, regionally and globally. Since 1387 AH, College had its position and influence at the national level, it has been ranked the first among Arabic universities, and according to the latest world's most accepted rankings, it is considered one of the best education colleges. This position made the college distinctive in its practical and scientific developmental practices. College adopted, in its strategic plan (2018-2030), the slogan "leaders of change" that was reflected in shaping its identity and defining its roles and was expressed in content of its "conceptual framework". Its vision is represented in "Educational Leadership and Excellence to Build a Vibrant Society", and its mission is to "Lead Change by Preparing an Outstanding Educational Practitioner and developing him professionally and in research. Also, to provide solid educational programs and research, and implement effective community partnerships". College of Education focused on achieving four main goals that reflected its mission, which was to prepare distinguished educational practitioner provide him with a  continuous professional development, providing distinguished graduate programs, and conducting educational research that leads national development, enriches human knowledge, and builds effective community partnerships that contribute to sustainable development.

       Based on that, College of Education has endeavored to make its website a cognitive portal to help and guide all its students, employees, and those interested in getting to know more about the college, its departments, units and specialization paths in addition to the available capabilities and the community services it provides.

My brother and sister, the present and future teacher,

       The importance of Colleges of Education emerges as the main axis in preparing educational practitioners provide them with a continuous professional development, upon whom Kingdom’s vision depends on achieving its ambitious programs. Accordingly, this site primarily targets providing service for you, starting from admission to the college, procedures and stages, and passing through the objectives of the departments, programs and courses it offers, as well as choosing the appropriate specialty for you to help you completing your path of success. What a joyful moment when we welcome you because we know that we give you the most precious thing that can be presented, which is "knowledge and experience", and what a happy moment that we bid you farewell, because we have given the society the most precious gift which is "the teacher".

       My brother and my sister, the teacher, only by you we can build and by you we can increase giving. You are the one who raises the banner of science and fights illiteracy and superstition, stimulates elan and leads educational change. This only can be achieved by an abundant knowledge, transcendental skills, and unlimited loyalty that overcome obstacles. Finally, we would like to say that achieving the aspirations of nations depends on the role and effectiveness of their educational institutions and all its educational practitioners. We believe that any educational system cannot be higher in quality more than its teachers and educational practitioners. So, be "leaders of educational change" towards excellence and development in any position, you are eligible for that.


Dean of College of Education

Prof. Fahad S. Alshaya

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:36am